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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Because Life IS a Beautiful Thing

Well, it's officially fall!  Although, you wouldn't know if from our temperature heat index last week being in the 100s.
I remember growing up and the seasons were pretty definitive in Kansas.  Fall "started" in September as the leaves changed colors.  Winter picked up as the leaves were all on the ground and lasted through mid March.  Then all of a sudden it was Spring with the buds blooming followed by sunny hot summers.  
Maybe it's just me, but the seasons seem so crazy these last several years.  It's hot (ok, I know I live in Florida) and humid into almost October.  Some are still getting snow into April and summer heat never seems to end.
I do miss those lovely sugar maple trees in the midwest and watching them change glorious colors.  Hence, I made some fall cards to fill my void.

Don't worry...I'll be grumbling soon about how my toes are cold and I can't seem to keep warm enough.  Yes, even in Florida (we are in the panhandle).  I do, however, love to wear my jeans and just breathe in the seasons of change. After all, life is a beautiful thing!  

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