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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Still a chill in the air...

It was SO cold last week!  Ok, I know I live in Florida and am 10 minutes from the beach, but we are in the panhandle and right close to Alabama and Mississippi.  It did get below freezing temperatures and we even had a "snow/ice" day as the bridges were frozen and not safe to travel on.  My super awesome boss let us stay home one day this past week.  It was great!

Since it's still post-holiday season, I'm posting my final holiday cards.  Below are some of the thank you cards I made for family:

And here are the Christmas cards I gave to my coworkers.  The green and silver/embossing turned out great!

I did make some birthday cards but didn't get those photoed before they left in the mail.  I have already begun Valentine cards (made 5 so far!) so I'm on the ball now!  Please check back when those are posted.  I'm sure we'll all need a distraction until we see spring!  ha!
God bless you and yours!