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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Corsage...but as a ring!?

My supervisor tasked me last month with a special project.  I was to assist her in making ring corsages for her son and an event they were hosting.  What??  Get paid to craft?!  Be still my beating heart!

Here is the finished project. Super cute ring corsages with feathers, bling, hearts, and lots of hidden glue from a glue gun.  These were fun to make.  But after making #19...I was looking forward to being done with #20.  Yes...20...feathers...greenery...string...heart...shiny things...
I did have fun telling my friend and sister about the new fun project.  

Here is one I made for my sorority sister as her gift congratulating her as our Valentine Queen:

And my sister thought they would be a fun idea she wanted to give to her sorority sisters for their ball:

These were fun to make.  The feathers were a little "all over the place" and I am still finding a few here and there...but what a fun idea...ring corsages!