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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

May the Road Rise to Meet You...

I'm still on cloud nine - we just arrived back on Saturday night from a 4 night 5 day stay in Ireland.  It was by far the BEST trip we've done here!  Oh - it was the longest trip we've done here, and I spent so much time researching things to do and such, it was SO worth those long hours!!

We stayed in a small village outside of Dalkey where we could take the DART (local train) south or north to Dublin's town center.  What a lovely town with plenty to see and do.  Not as crowded as London and the people there are SO friendly!  We were also incredibly lucky with the weather.  It was a bit warmer there than here in England and it hardly rained on days were were out and about!  Praise the Lord!

It was quite a bit of walking - especially since our Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel was on top of the hill (a 15 min walk up hill) but eating poorly evenly worked itself out, lol!

We took a day excursion north with Paddy wagon tours to the Giant's Causeway, Carrick Bridge and Belfast.  We also took the DART south to Killiney.  There was a great beach spot as well as home to Bono from U2.

Here are a few photos (only a few - out of the 200+ I posted on my Facebook page).
My kids on the bridge

Giant's Causeways formed from volcanoes and ice/wind years ago (2 photos).

Bono's Home

Me at Hard Rock in Dublin

Now we can officially be in pack-out mode.  I did well this summer going through the rooms.  School starts Monday for the kids and I hope to finish Isaac's room today.  I went through EVERY room in the house except one!!  To include the shed outside.  (Patting myself on the back).

Ok packers, I'm ready, bring it on!  No, they're not scheduled yet as Kent still has a huge checklist to do and submit before orders can be issued.  We can't schedule packers, ship the car, or do anything until we get orders.  (sigh)  

Here's my favorite Irish blessing.  May warm your heart as it does mine.  :)  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fifteen? Where did the time go?

School is starting up soon for many of our stateside friends and families.  We still have a few more weeks (25th of Aug) -- which is enough time to squeeze in a vacation to Ireland.

Back to school means new pencils, binders, backpacks, etc.  Why not think about last-minute gifts?

Here are some decorated tic-tac holders I made a while back.  

We celebrated over this past weekend my son turning 15.  He's waiting until school starts back up to have more face-to-face contact w/ friends to invite for a pizza/rollerskating party.  So he chose to visit Thetford Forest for his special day. 

I love how England is so kid-friendly.  (Pet friendly too).  They love nature and make the best of it.  All their "equipment" if at all possible is made from nature or recyclables.  They have huge slides, a "music land" , the bird nest swing, nature trails, bike paths, and more.  It's great for simple exploring.  And we only pay to park!

We had a great day.