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We are a christian family living in the Sunshine state (before that we spent four years in England and two years in Turkey).

My posts are of everyday life and my love of crafting. I hope to inspire you in some way to share your talents too.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't Forget...

Last week seemed rather busy with it being a "recognition week."  It was Volunteer Appreciation week, Girl Scout Leader week, and also Wednesday was Administrative Professional's Day.  Phew!

Firstly, I had to post a photo of the lovely lilacs I've been hovering over every chance I get.  My neighbor has white and dark purple ones, but not in a location where I can pick any.  :(

Here is a candy holder I made using the scalloped tag topper punch.  They were quite simple to make and have many possibilities to decorate.  The recipients were quite smitten with them at the school when I delivered them.  I hope you were able to take the time to let those who are usually behind the scenes know you appreciate all their hard work!  

Saturday, April 19, 2014


If you've been following my blog, you know one of my favorite things are lilacs.  They take me back to my childhood days where I had a lilac bush that covered my bedroom window and mainly blocked my view of the back yard.  I loved summer days where the breeze filled my room with a lilac fragrance.  I'd stand in my window, close my eyes and just breathe!!  It was so intoxicating.

I picked some lilacs again this past week and have them available at my disposal to inhale whenever I want.  Kent and I have already talked about the flowers, bushes and trees we want in our yard in our "forever home" when we are retired from the military.

Here are some Easter goodie boxes I made some coworkers. I used scissors, my envelope punch board, glue dots and a punch (plus the fillings).  It was SO easy.  I am waiting for books to come out about things to make with the envelope punch board besides envelopes, lol.

May you feel intoxicated this Easter season with the love Jesus Christ has for everyone of us.  May it fill your soul with an overwhelming sense of peace and tingle in your toes.  May it also radiate through you for others to see.  Happy Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

It has been a busy week and I'm glad it's Friday!
The kids this week at school were bouncing off the walls - especially Monday (first day after returning from spring break) and today.  After long weeks it sure does make me appreciate my own kids and how they've been raised...

Below is my take on Annette's post-it card.  I made mine a sunset...

Today is Good Friday.  I had a traditional "hot cross bun" with my class and we learned the old familiar song.  Off to the church service tonight at 7:00 pm where we are reminded of Jesus' death on the cross and the ULTIMATE sacrifice that was made.

Here are some of the cards from the other ladies from last time's card club.  Our swap was a "kid's birthday" theme.  

I made some Easter goodies for co-workers this week.  Come back tomorrow to see those!  

Friday, April 11, 2014


It's amazing the different kind of candy eggs you can find at Easter time.  White chocolate, solid chocolate, butterfinger inside, cadbury...I could go on and on!

I think one of my favorite kinds are malted eggs.  Below is our project compliments of Annette, from last card club.  I was secretly glad when we filled it with malted eggs.  

I had to wanted to add more color too by photographing it in the grass outside.  I love how England has green grass year-round!!

This will make a nice gift for someone...thanks for stopping by!  BTW, what's your favorite kind of egg candy this season?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almost there...

Tomorrow officially starts spring break for the kids and me (teacher in-service day).  I know my household is excited - and Kent has tomorrow off!  I also know the other kdg aides and I really need this break from the kiddos -- taking them back and forth to specials, recess duty, assisting the teacher, putting on band-aids, making copies, playing referee, etc.  Of course, the teachers too!

My son will be headed on a trip with his youth group for 7 days leaving "the island," and Olivia and I will be doing some local day trips.  Kent only has Thurs. and Fri. off, so we weren't able to do a trip to Ireland like we had hoped...we still have time for that.

At Monday's card club, the competition theme was "3-D flowers."  I admit, I got a bit carried away, but love my end result!  I was inspired by THIS website.  I didn't have a pattern, so I just guessed and started snipping away.

And for the record, I didn't win!  
the votes went to the "underdog..." you know who you are!  I hope she enjoys her bouquet (winner keeps all entries, and there were only 2).

 And I had to put in a silly photo of my daughter with her blue tongue and teeth!  I hope all of you are sure to "Live in the sunshine."