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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bulb season...yeah!

Here is a box that I was inspired to make from this website.  I used my Oval Accent die cut (4 ovals), trimmed the sides, and glued them to a box.  I like how it turned out, and it was SO easy to make!

I also worked with one of the first techniques I ever came across.  I cut strips of paper and glued them side by side on a piece of printer paper.  I then cut them in the opposite direction and staggered them.  It think of it as a "quilt" effect.  I'm not crazy about all the shades of green I used, but I like the final result.  A little out of the ordinary.

I hope to post again this weekend.  I took the dog on a walk recently and the bulbs are blooming!  I picked some daffodils and other flowers to put in my windowsill.  Happy MARCH!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 14 of 14...two days late

Where did the time to?
My apologies for not getting this out sooner as I had hoped.  I could give you 14 reasons why it didn't happen...but I won't bore you with those details!

Olivia and I made Red Velvet cookies for her class party.   (below)  I've also posted below the Valentine's she made last Sunday and did a wonderful job on them!  I was truly impressed!

We celebrated on the 14th with Dinner club.  A group of us go to different restaurants in the surrounding villages to eat.  Friday night we went to Chimichangas in Bury. St. Edmunds.  The weather was atrocious to get there!  Sheets of rain the whole way there on these skinny England roads.  Needless to say, we were late and didn't' plan ahead for icky weather.   To top it off, you can't park close...oh well, we're waterproof!  

Thankfully, when it was over, the rain had stopped.  It was a good time catching up with friends with delicious Mexican food!

My kindergarteners (and their parents) were exceptionally generous this Valentine's Day.  We had a fun class party at the end of the day.  Here's a photo of all the goodies I received.  There's no way my family and I can eat all this!  Maybe I'll have to implement some of it into baking....hmm, that's a great idea!

We're off on a little holiday...it involves an indoor water park.  Take that WINTER SEASON!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 of 14 Days of Love

Happy Valentine's Day (3 hours early) to my WONDERFUL sweetheart!  Here's the card I'm going to  give to my soul mate.  I had to try and make it more masculine and avoid the "fru-fru" look.  I hope he likes it!!

Tomorrow is my final posting for a couple of days.  I've enjoyed making the crafts but am looking forward to the break.  We'll be traveling this weekend somewhere that we can wear our swimsuits...

PS the internet went out and I couldn't send this until the 14th...but it's still the 13th CST!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 12 of 14

What is the fun of Valentine's Day to only receive (or want to receive) love?  Our world can never have enough giving.  I made these goodies last night using my Chalk Talk stamp and frame lit die cut.   They were much easier than I anticipated to make, and popping out about 20 of these took no time at all...ok, maybe about 30 minutes after it was all said and done.  

I definitely want to make sure my co-workers feel the love.  I have so many other projects I want to make, but lack the time to make them.  Ho hum.  I better get to crackin'!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 11 of 14

I've enjoyed keeping up with these posts and crafting so often.  I am a wee bit more tired...but as my husband says, I have the rest of my life to sleep.
I'm not sure about that, I do like my 8 hours!

Here is a photo of the Valentines I made for my class that I'm subbing in (kindergarten).  Olivia made a beautiful drawing I HAD to share about what she hopes to be when she grows up.  See you tomorrow!

Monday, February 10, 2014

10th day of Love!

I came across this card design/layout from one of my crafting books.  The "hung up on you" stamp is one of my newer purchased.  I think these cards turned out cute!

The only downfall is that it reminds me of laundry...ugh!  I miss having a laundry room here in England where I can LOCK UP that laundry monster!  Having laundry in my kitchen is not my idea of fun...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Busy as a Bee.. day 9 of 14

Olivia and I are hard at work today mass producing Valentines.
She's making them for her class (it's her last year, as next year she'll be in middle school - SNIFF SNIFF!)
I am making them for the kiddos in my kindergarten class.  Then I'll be making some for coworkers.  For the record, there aren't enough hours in the day - no hours in the night to make as many goodies as I want to make and still function because I've had enough sleep!

Here's another couple of fun cards I made last week:

Our mass productions from today will be posted in a couple of days...they're not ready yet.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 7 and Day 8

Yesterday was incredibly busy...therefore you will be reading 2 posts in one!

Cookie season has officially begun.  We have 4 weeks to sell all of our cookies in my troop. Today was our first selling day, and it went well.  We weren't as busy as I had hoped, but we had a "steady stream" of customers.  Regardless, we sold at least half (if not a bit more) of our supply.  Yipee!

Here is the second project we made at Annette's during card club this past Monday.  What a cute lolly (aka sucker) holder.

Joanne was the hostess and she treated us to a lunch consisting of delicious finger sandwiches, sponge cakes, banana bread...and I wanted to take home ALL her Polish pottery! 

Check back tomorrow!  Only 6 more days until Valentine's Day...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

6th Day of Love

I am trying something new regarding uploading pics.  I found an app called "Diptic"  (I know, so odd)..but a good program for the simplicity of scrapbook photo layouts.

Here are the competition 3-D creations from Monday's Card Club!
(drum roll)......

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5th Day of Love

I've been tempting you for a couple of days with photos from card club.  Well, here they are!  I hope you're pleased...this is what I call eye candy for those crafters out there!

The first photos are of our swaps.  The theme was to make  thank you cards (aka ideas for Joanne's wedding!)

My swap is in the first photo.  It has the flowers on it.  We all had a chuckle that there was an unplanned underlying theme of butterflies.  Swear it wasn't planned!

Below is one project we made, compliments of Annette.  These are her samples.  I made one using the blue (aka Stampin Up Pool Party color) paper.  They all turned out super cute!

Tomorrow I'll be posting photos of the competition projects and our second project. They're REALLY worth checking out!  See you tomorrow!

Now if could go to card club every day...(SNAP)  - ugh - back to reality!  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 4 of 14

I had hoped to upload photos today from card club yesterday.  Key word...."had."  It didn't happen.  Rather, you can see photos of another card I made over the weekend.  I had fun figuring out they layout of this card.  

There was a pinterest photo I found which inspired this card, but I am having a difficult time relocating that link to give credit where it's due.  I love the paper I used from Stampin' Up.  The flowers were so pretty set on an ivory background.

The first photo is the card "closed."  The second photo is opening the first flap, and the third photo is the card completely open.

Thanks for looking...See you tomorrow!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day #3

Continuing with my "14 days of Love"...

Here's Day #3:

Card club was today and we had a wonderful time.  Not only were the swaps amazing, but the competition really impressed me with everyone's talent (photos tomorrow)!  

To top it off, Joanne brought us "high tea" with finger sandwiches, homemade scones and clotted cream, sponge cake...oh my goodness!  I think I could eat those just about every meal!  I also now have a favorite spread I need to purchase.  It's called Branston pickle relish.  Sanisbury's here I come!  I think this will be something I need to stock up on before we PCS this fall.  (That and Pimms!)

Ok, I got a bit off topic...

Where was I...oh yes, card club and our talent.  I will be posting our fabulous project (compliments of Annette!) soon too.

Today's photo is of my competition project.  The goal was to make a wedding favor box to give Joanne (our hostess for the month) ideas for her wedding!  Sorry Joanne, I WON'T be making 100 of these for you, ha!

I was inspired by this creative gem and her tutorial.  It took a bit of trial and error.  But I felt the results were wonderful.  My favorite part are the roses made with the new spiral flower die cut from Stampin' Up.  The ribbon is daffodil delight and the paper is ivory.

Below is a card I made last year.  I didn't realize I had kept one, so was glad to see it again.

See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

14 Days of Love!

Ok, so I meant to get this rolling yesterday...on the 1st of February.  Obviously, I'm a day late!  So you'll have to count the post from a couple days ago as #1 (it WAS a Valentine creation!)

I've been super busy making Valentine cards!  Check back each day for Valentine ideas and projects.

Day #2 was inspired from THIS posting at Stampin Connection.  I thought it could also be used as an anniversary card:

Card club is tomorrow!  I'm VERY excited about our projects (hint:  the swap is a wedding thank you card, and the competition is a 3-D gift for wedding guests.)