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We are a christian family living in the Sunshine state (before that we spent four years in England and two years in Turkey).

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


When I was younger, I recall November, December and January being "winter."  Sometimes it trickled into February as well.  I feel now that I'm older, that the seasons are changing and winter goes on into March.  It's funny how the seasons change.
We're forced to start thinking about Christmas in October.  That is when they start putting up holiday purchases in stores.  I try not to do anything related to Christmas except my cards and gift buying (for stateside snail mail) any more in advance than necessary.

Here's the project we made at my house for the last card club.  It was a great hit.  The best part about this "card in a box" is that it folds flat for mailing.  The box was scored on my scoreboard and I used my newest framelits on my big shot for the snowflakes.  Some of the snowflakes are embossed too.  It was fun!

Olivia had a project due at school.  She had to use homemade items to create a cross section of an animal cell.  (The nucleus specifically).  I pulled out a homemade play doh recipe card.  Here is her final project.  She did a great job at it!!  

If you'd like directions to make the "card in a box" be sure to "join this site"  (see to the right) and leave a comment requesting it.  Thanks!

P.S.  I finished all 80 of my Christmas cards.  Envelopes and Christmas letter next!  Photos of those will arrive in...December when the season is closer!

Friday, November 15, 2013

From one generation to the next

I have great qualities and traits from both of my parents.  From my parents I learned to be creative, organized, resourceful, and so much more.

I was in a bind this past week and needed a treat.  I used those learned traits and made these:

I mixed one can pumpkin and one box gingerbread cake mix.  Then I baked them until a toothpick came out clean.  They were wonderful!  I also iced them and added extra sugar (candy corn and sprinkled brown sugar).

Olivia created her own board game.  She put about 4 hours into it, and paid careful attention and detail to it.  It was wonderful!  Kent and I were her first "gamers" and it was great fun.  I'd like to think I get some credit in her creativity...

Happy Friday!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's all about being thankful

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!  It puts me in the mood for apple cider, gingerbread, pumpkin pie…
Last weekend was the annual Bazaar.  Treats were requested from Girl Scouts for the volunteers and vendors.  That calls for a trial session!   I'm always willing to make goodies - but I have a tendency to make goodies that I've never made before for strangers.  Is that too scary?

I came across recipe which uses butter, sugar and pumpkin spice.  I didn't use as much butter as the recipe called for.  I also used pecans and almonds.  It's whatever you prefer.  They turned out pretty good.

Here's the finished product.  I think the pecans work better than the almonds personally.

Card club was last Monday.  I participated in the swap.  The theme was using "scraps."  I punched out the leaves using scraps and the red background was in my scrap file too.  After I glued them all on, I punched out the middle.  I had fun multi-coloring the Thanksgiving blessings on it too - which I felt was the icing on the cake.  Too bad I only had enough for one card!  And I didn't win the competition, so the card went to that winner.  Thankfully, I have a photo so I can try to reproduce it!

We also had our swap.  The theme was "winter," so here's the card I created for it.  I used lots of elements:  my cuttlebug for the snowflake embossing, the tab punch has a snowflake that's embossed with silver powder, I die-cut the window, I hand colored snowmen for the window, and I punched a snowflake.  It's not one of my favorite cards I made, but I had fun using several elements.  

Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you enjoyed it and come back soon!  I will be posting our card club project next.  It's awesome so you'll have to check back soon!!!

I am truly thankful to all our military members:  past, present, and future who put themselves out there everyday for the Land of the Free and Home of the BRAVE!  I'm especially thankful for my father's service in the army and my husband's service in the USAF.  (And their elders before them who served.)

 God Bless you all!  Happy Veteran's Day!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


It's officially November.  Do you know what that means?  It means we are moving in one year!  Actually, a little under a year (we thought it was November, but it's October as of last week when Kent processed paperwork for it).  Drumroll………we're officially going stateside!  He signed that dotted line.

Of course we won't know where until next June (?) hopefully.  

Olivia and I put away the Halloween decorations.  We left a few fall things out…but I'm already having to start thinking about weeding out.  It's called "pack-out mode."  I needed to decide what decorations I no longer wanted.  Thinning out…reducing clutter.  

Our household goods (HHG in military term) will take 60 days between boat and travel to get to our stateside destination.  That means our HHG will be shipped out next August hopefully (if we have our official paperwork).  Which means I won't see my Halloween decorations for 2 years.  I know it's "stuff," but I like my STUFF!  My copper pumpkin from Turkey, some crafts the kids made when they were younger…it's bittersweet!  But I'd rather not have Halloween/fall decorations than to not have Christmas decorations (like when we arrived in Turkey).  That was frustrating.  HHG shipped in October, and didn't arrive to us until about one week before my birthday in mid January. That was difficult!

Here is a Thanksgiving card…yes, I'm on the ball!  And I know you're not surprised to read that I've already started on my Christmas cards.  (What else do you expect from someone with OCD like me?)

I know you are surprised to see the card so "simple."  I have a hard time not adding more…but I refrained and tried really hard.  I am pleased with the results!

Olivia and I made Halloween cookies.  I have such great memories of my childhood baking with my mother and sister in the kitchen.  Olivia tells me every year how much she loves doing this.  It melts my heart!

You can find my recipe here from last year's December blog. Thanks for stopping by!  Check back soon…card club is tomorrow!!!