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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Crafting

I feel blessed to work alongside such talented crafty friends.  Here is the photo of our fall swap from our October card club.  These are the goodies I brought home:

And here is a photo of the project we made.  It's a fun box (and has yummy M&Ms inside!)  I added a black handle/ribbon when I returned home:

Kent and I are enjoying his time off from work post his deployment return.  We ventured last week to the Ickworth House.  It had a beautiful rotunda welcoming us, lovely landscape, footpaths, flowers, a pond, and a church.  In the basement of the building we had a tour guide.  It felt like we were on an episode of Downton Abbey as we explored what life would have been like.  We thoroughly enjoyed it!

My posting wouldn't be complete without a snapshot of beautiful trees on Feltwell base.  I love the colors!  Thanks for stopping by - and Happy Harvest!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fight Like a Girl

October is a special month.  It's the noticable changes of fall, we have daylight savings time, Halloween, and it's Breast Cancer Awareness month.  That was the inspiration for my card challenge at club on Monday.  I didn't win, but I had a great time trying out my clear embossing powder and seeing how much pink I could use!

I was pleased with the results.  The only stipulation on the theme was to use a punch:

My daughter entered a cake decorating contest at the recent Girl Scout Fall Harvest.  She didn't get first place, but we had fun using fondant for the first time ever (girl power!)

Our family went to a pumpkin patch last weekend along with a visit to Angelsey Abbey.  The trails were lovely and it was a great time!

And yes, I wore my pink rain jacket...it sure is good to have hubby home from his deployment!

So don't forget to take care of YOUR health.  And if by chance you're given a challenge to fight, then FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Fall Fun

I love watching the leaves change color.  It's especially nice when the rain takes a break and the leaves are dry.

Card club is this upcoming Monday.  This is the card I'll be using for my swap.  It's a Halloween theme.  It's my first time using washi tape.  I also used a stamp from my first Paper Pumpkin set (the spots), and scraps for the circles.  

The second photo is the inside of the card.

If you look closely at the bottom of the card, I tried out my new Stampin' Up rotary stamp too!

We are bringing back a card competition theme to card club.  I'll post that photo soon.  The theme for October is to "use a punch somewhere on the card."  I went a bit farther and implemented a breast cancer awareness theme and was inspired by my Pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon!

P.S.  My husband came back from his 6 1/2 month deployment safe and sound.  
Thank you for your prayers for us all!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Support Snail Mail!

Sometimes you just can't pass up a good deal.  When I went stateside this past summer, I had to hit up Michael's. I found white cards with an embossing on them...a pack of 6 WITH envelopes for $1.00!  Hindsight says I should have purchased more.

Here are some creations I made with 3 of those cards:

The final card pictured below is for my mother's good college friend.  Her birthday is in a couple of weeks. She's always been so good to send my kids birthday and holiday cards all throughout the year.  I sent her card off to her yesterday along with about 20 decorated blank cards for her to use at her disposal.  

Snail mail is a lost art.  Yes, I call it an art.  My children know how to address an envelope, write a letter in cursive, and where to put the stamp.  I'd bet money on it that 50% of my kids' classmates cannot say the same.  Don't get me wrong... I love email, typing, blogging, and technology.  I still send Christmas cards each year (and if there's a news snip-it in there, it's typed).  But they are all hand signed.  

Cursive handwriting can do more than just show a little about one's personality.  It's too bad that classrooms are doing away with it.  (With the exception of this state).

I have been keeping busy with substitute teaching almost 5 days a week.  I've worked with 4 year olds on up to 3rd graders.  It's amazing their lack of ability to SIT STILL and KEEP QUIET.  Yes, some of it is on ADHD, etc., but I think these kids do not have enough structure in their life.  They don't know how to sit still unless they're watching technology (a movie or clip on the smartboard).  And most importantly, they don't have respect for authority.  I am dumbfounded on the lack of respect today's kids have for grown ups.  The attention span is less and the following of directions is slim.  It's so sad!  I feel for these kids who probably go home and sit down in front of a TV or computer screen to "be entertained."  Their fine and gross motor skills are suffering.  I really found this article to be helpful to me to apply when I'm in the classroom.

The youth today don't even know where to start to write a letter, let alone have hardly received any handwritten mail by someone under the age of 50+.

So sit down, focus, and send that person you care about a birthday card, or a thank you card, or a get well soon card.  Everyone loves mail (letters, not bills)!!  

And if you let them know it's on its way via the snail route, then they have something to look forward to and will be working on their patience as well.  It really does take a while for that "snail" to cross the ocean to get to us!  We have to wait close to 2 weeks for our letters from stateside family.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Love is Always in the Air

My hairdresser recently tied the knot.  It was fun seeing her once a month or so as the days drew closer to her special day.  We talked about the location (on an island with guaranteed sunshine), her dress, her hairstyle, etc.  She had a wonderful time and everything went according to plan.  Below is a card I made for her.  I embossed a white sheet, cut it out with my large circle punch, and cut out curves.  It was fun and quick to make thanks to my cuttlebug and embossing clear powder.  I was inspired from this card.

I was also inspired by another idea I found on pinterest
 and made this card:  

We are in less than a double digit countdown to my husband returning from his deployment.  I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about our reunion.  It will have been almost 6 1/2 months.  This is the longest we have been apart.  The kids have been such troopers, and steady has been our course!  I almost feel a bit giddy like when we were dating or on our wedding day.  Thanks for all those who have prayed for us on this journey.  Check back often, as I am trying to get LOTS of cards made before he returns so my free time can be spent with him.