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We are a christian family living in the Sunshine state (before that we spent four years in England and two years in Turkey).

My posts are of everyday life and my love of crafting. I hope to inspire you in some way to share your talents too.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kid in a candy shoppe....

I am a catalog-aholic.  I love looking at craft catalogs/magazines, Avon catalogs, LTD, Cooking magazines, National Geographic magazines, Stampin' Up catalogs,...etc.  This leads to me saving my money and purchasing new fun craft toys!  I wish I could get paid to stay home and craft all day long.  But if that were the case, I'd need an actual craft room so I could "close the door and walk away" for my OCD's sanity sake!  LOL

Below is a Valentine card I created using my new Hearts a Flutter Framelit stamp and thin die from Stampin Up.  I also used cherry cobbler paper, ribbon, ink, heart punch (the white one), embellishments, and the new Sale-a-bration stamp set (new) Patterned Occasions.  After all, this card is filled with a "whole latte love!"  I even had to try out my new Borders Scoring Plate.

I think one of the highlights I enjoy most of card club is our card swap.  Below are the swaps I received.  The theme was Wedding.

Good job ladies!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heat Wave!

We still have snow on the ground, but it is slowly melting.  The sun shone today and that was a blessing in itself!  In checking the weather forecast, it will be in the mid 50's within a couple of days.  That is exciting news.  It will be nice not to have to bundle all up before walking out the front door.

It was a good week.  I had a lovely lunch on Thursday celebrating with friends downtown at the Riverside.  I had "Afternoon Tea" with a couple of other ladies, and everyone else chose off the menu.  It was a great turnout with 10 total in attendance!  I sure felt the love!

Below is the second project we made at the card club last Monday.  It's a "sour cream container" filled with Valentine candy.  I used cherry cobbler paper, ribbon and ink.  I used my triple heart punch, and Hearts a Flutter stamps/framelits.  I also used the Versamark ink with a heart stamp.  These are so easy to make!
Dimensions are shown below:

How to make sour cream container:
Cut card stock at 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Snail tape the two short ends and one long end.  Roll into tube (like a  TP tube).  Pinch one end, fill with candy, and pinch the opposite end in the opposite direction.  If you want to use the punch, be sure to do so before you snail tape.  I also used my score board to score the ends.  A crimper would also do the job.
Have fun!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today is my birthday!  Happy birthday to me!  Of course, I'm on England time, and blogger is on states time, so my post shows the 22nd but I'm already celebrating on the 23rd.

It'll be a quiet day for the most part...I'm not subbing at the school (intentional) but have a few things on the agenda.  I'll be eating lunch with my wonderful husband, selling Girl Scout cookies with my daughter, and then having supper with hubby and kids in a nearby village.  My present from Kent and the kids will happen next month when we go to London to see the "Lion King."  I'm so excited as this will be our first London theatre production!

This year (my last of being in my 30's) will come with some joys (traveling across the pond to see family) and some challenges - more about that another day.   But I am privileged to be able to say I will have spent the last 1/2 of my thirties living abroad in Turkey and England!

Yesterday was card club...above is the winter card we made.  Annette and I took the reins as Vicky was visiting family in the states.  We had two projects.  The above was made using my bigshot with Labels Collection framelits and Snow Swirled snowflake stamps.  I used a brayer on white paper to get the solid blue framelits behind the skaters.  The skating stamp was Annette's.  We used a snowflake punch too.  I didn't put any words on it, but as you can see, it's definitely a winter theme with the snow in the background outside my window too!

I'll post more photos later from our card club with the second project as well as the cards we swapped.  Happy 39 to me! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'll Support That

The second largest holiday (largest, as in makes the most money to companies) will soon be upon us.  Yes, Valentine's Day.  You're lucky if you haven't already seen the bags of chocolates, hearts, kisses, cards, balloon bouquets, flowers, and SUGAR surrounding you at the stores.

I've already succumbed to the sales, and started on some Valentine treat bags.  I used my two-tags and top note die cut as seen below.  I also used the new Hearts a Flutter frame-lits die cut and stamp set.  

Next week is card club (wedding theme because Joanna is engaged!) and I'll be making more Valentine goodies.  So check back often!  You can't go wrong with chocolate, and yes, I'll help support that!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A radiant beam from above!

As mentioned in my last blog, it has been very cold here lately.  We are expecting more snow tomorrow as well.  I took the day off from substitute teaching, and ran errands all morning.  On my way back to our village, I couldn't help but stop and take photos close to the footpaths we walk often with Zeus.  They were taken with my ipod...I can only imagine how much better they would have looked with my new camera!
It was a gorgeous sight with the sun beaming through the trees, and I just wanted to share:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

England finally has snow

I know of about 4-5 women who are expecting and due end of January/beginning of February.  I can only imagine the others that I haven't seen who will keep the ob department on their toes in the next 30-60 days!

Here are a couple of baby cards.  I had a third, but forgot to photograph it before giving it away.  Same concept, just different colors.

We finally had our first winter season snow Monday.  They released schools out one hour early with the anticipation of a winter storm arriving in the afternoon.  I was subbing at the school that day and that hour early caused quite the headache.  It didn't help that squadrons released incorrect information.  I helped out in the office for about one hour and easily answered about 15 phone calls.  Thankfully we don't have more than two phone lines.  When it was all said and done, we had received a couple of inches of snow. 

The kids were thrilled and went out to the backyard.  They would have been more thrilled to have a school snow day.  This was not the case.  School resumed normal the very next day.  Zeus, our dog, even had fun with the snow -  chasing the snowballs the kids were making and throwing.  Today's temperature on my way to work was -7 degrees C.  I mention celsius as I'm hoping to get more sympathy than just saying "19 degrees F."  Regardless, it's COLD here!  Needless to say, the dog isn't getting a walk anytime soon from me!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fuddy Duddy

I consider myself an "old fuddy duddy" when it comes to the way I do things.  I prefer using hymnals in church rather than a projection screen, I see nothing wrong with snail mail, kids need to learn values and our heritage, and thank you cards are appreciated no matter what the gift was.

Below are the thank you cards I made for family/friends post the holiday season.  I used my SU bird punch, SU holiday paper, Patterned Party gift stamp, Sassy Salutations thank you stamp, and cherry cobbler ink.  

The first photo is the card as it's mailed flat in an envelope.  The photo below is when they're opened up by the receiver.  

I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know what you you think!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love / hate

Technology and I have a love / hate relationship.  Of course, this applies to moments when I understand it or can figure it out, I LOVE it!  And when things just don't work, I buy the wrong cords, technology quits on me, I have problems, then I hate it!  I guess that's true for most people.

This leads to my excuse for not posting sooner.   I have a new camera I received from Kent and the kids for Christmas.  I am figuring it out (the Japanese instructions were no help) slowly.  I had to get a new SD card as it didn't come with one (that would make too much sense), and then I couldn't find the cord to upload the photos to my computer.

Lo and behold, after I purchased a new one for $20, I found the cord (it was connected to the wall charger).  Ugh!  Thankfully, I hadn't opened the new one yet, so I will be returning it soon.

My father-in-law's birthday was on the 7th, my father's birthday is tomorrow (happy birthday dad!), and my nephew's birthday was New Year's Eve.  Here's a photo of the card I made for them.

I found this cute idea on Pinterest.  After an exhausted search, I cannot find it.  My apologies to the artists' original creation.  Thanks for letting me CASE it!  (Copy And Share Everything).  Happy early Friday!  Headed tomorrow with Olivia and her class on a field trip to see an Aladdin Pantomime.  Looking forward to it!